Your Path to Becoming a Death Doula

Welcome! If it's your first time here with us, we have three base camps at Dear Doula...

Each camp serving you with resources you'll need on your path towards becoming a thriving doula.

  • Base Camp 1 is our free Facebook community group exploring all things death doulas and outlining the path towards becoming one. {not a required pre-requisite to Base Camp 2}.

  • Base Camp 2 is a pivotal step for those ready to become death doulas {you are here}.

  • Base Camp 3 is for newly trained doulas launching their businesses, and for those established ready to level up!

Our Base Camps serve as vital support hubs for death doulas.

Why Base Camps?

Imagine death doulas akin to Sherpas on Mt. Everest--mountain guides leading climbers through difficult terrain; and in our case, difficult life terrain. Each camp is designed for doulas to gather essential resources, and gain knowledge needed to skillfully reach the next camp designed for that leg of their training and business. 

What's a Death Doula?

Meet Lucy, a non-medical practitioner who provides navigation and compassionate holistic (emotional, spiritual, physical, mental, social and financial health) support to a dying individual and their loved ones through their end-of-life journey, between dying, to death, and beyond...and so much more!

Death Doula Core Curriculum Training Course

    Welcome to Base Camp 2
    This course is designed for individuals who aspire to start their training as a death doula. It serves as the starting point for acquiring foundational skills necessary to empower yourself in this field. Throughout the training, you will learn how to offer support to individuals navigating the end-of-life process, create safe spaces for meaningful conversations, and develop essential skills. Join us on this journey to become a knowledgeable guide in the realm of death and dying.

    Dear Doula is About You

    At Dear Doula, we're brought together by our commitment to guiding others through life's significant changes. Each of us carries a unique story, shaped by various experiences. These differences drive us forward together.

    What sets us apart is our belief in the strength of each individual. Your natural qualities as a death doula are what truly matter. We're here to offer the tools and support you need to excel in your meaningful work.

    At Dear Doula, you're not just part of a community – you are Dear Doula.

    What are some key qualifications and traits of a death doula?

    These collectively contribute to the holistic and compassionate care that makes up a professional and competent death doula:


    Completion of a recognized death doula training program, demonstrating a solid foundation in end-of-life care practices.

    Communication Skills

    Effective verbal and written communication skills to facilitate open and compassionate conversations with individuals and their families.

    Empathy and Compassion

    A genuine and deep sense of empathy, along with the ability to provide compassionate support during challenging and sensitive moments.

    Cultural Sensitivity

    Understanding and respect for diverse cultural beliefs and practices surrounding death and dying.

    Practical Knowledge

    Proficiency in practical aspects of end-of-life care, including pain management, grief support, and assisting with final wishes.

    Caring Individual

    Ability to connect emotionally with others, understanding and sharing their feelings and experiences.


    Flexibility to navigate various situations and respond to the unique needs and preferences of individuals and families.


    Patience is crucial when providing support during the often slow and challenging process of end-of-life care.


    Ability to cope with emotional challenges and remain composed in the face of difficult circumstances


    A non-judgmental attitude to create a safe and inclusive space for individuals of diverse backgrounds and beliefs.

    Excellent Listener

    A skillful listener who can truly understand the concerns and desires of those facing end-of-life situations.

    Team Player

    Collaboration with healthcare professionals, families, and other support networks to ensure comprehensive care.

    Are death doulas in demand?

    The demand for death doulas is rising due in large part to our aging population. As our medical system struggles to keep up, compassionate end-of-life care becomes increasingly crucial.

    Many individuals and families feel neglected in this vulnerable time due to overwhelmed resources and staffing burnout.

    We anticipated this need and are ready to make a difference. You can join us in providing the care our aging population deserves right in your community.

    With our training and support, you'll become a compassionate death doula, contributing to a movement reshaping end-of-life care. Together, we can ensure no one faces the end of life alone.

    Doulas come to us because...

    Dynamic Learning Resources

    Experience multi-sensory learning with audio, visual, and animated materials tailored to diverse preferences. This ensures participants engage with the content in a way that suits their individual needs.

    An Adaptable Learning Experience

    Our course offers a flexible structure, accommodating diverse learning styles. Participants can progress at their own pace, taking breaks or revisiting content as needed.

    User-Friendly Learning

    Navigate through interactive modules with ease, featuring clear communication and straightforward instructions. Our course is designed for seamless understanding, ensuring a user-friendly experience for all participants.

    Explore Our Full Course Curriculum with Confidence

    Our approach allows you to take each lesson at your own pace, making the learning process manageable and adaptable to your learning style and schedule. If the amount of lessons appear overwhelming at first glance, rest assured that we've broken them down into bite-sized portions for your success.

    With Lifetime Access, Move at Your Own Pace.

    Complete the course efficiently in 4 weeks, allocating 2.5 hours weekly. Relax with lifetime access—no pressure, revisit lessons at your convenience. Your learning, your terms.


    A Special Message from Lauren
    Death Doula Training Course Notesheets

    Module 1: Scope of Practice for a Death Doula

    Welcome to our first course module, focusing on the role and scope of a Death Doula. As an End-of-Life Doula or Transition Coach, you'll learn to provide emotional, psychological, and logistical support during life's final journey. This course will explore proactive planning for death, covering emotional challenges, practical concerns, and fostering meaningful conversations. Gain a comprehensive understanding of essential services and ethical boundaries, empowering you to compassionately support individuals and families in this transformative experience.

    Death Doula Scope of Practice
    Module Recap & Activity
    Quiz: Scope of Practice
    Module Outline PDF: Scope of Practice

    Module 2: 10 Key Learning Essentials for Death Doulas

    This module illuminates the vital ten learning essentials for Death Doulas, emphasizing the significance of emotional and logistical support during life's end. Understand proactive death planning, essential services, ethical boundaries, and compassionate approaches. Recognize why mastering these essentials is fundamental to supporting individuals and families during this pivotal and transformative life phase.

    10 Key Essentials for Death Doulas
    Module Recap & Activity
    Quiz: 10 Key Learning Essentials
    Module Outline PDF: 10 Key Learning Essentials

    Module 3: Communication and Active Listening

    This module focuses on honing techniques and skills vital for effective communication and engaged listening as a Death Doula. Explore why mastering these skills is essential and understand their profound importance in providing support during life's final stages. Gain insights into fostering meaningful connections and offering comfort through attentive and empathetic communication.

    Facilitating Emotional Expression
    Building Trust and Rapport
    Addressing Practical and Spiritual Needs
    Empowering Decision Making
    Providing Emotional Support
    Navigating Family Dynamics
    3 Effective Methods to Ensure Open and Meaningful Interactions
    3 Thoughtful Questions for Meaningful Conversations
    9 Effective Ways to Communicate with Loved Ones
    15 Questions to Facilitate Family Conversations
    Module Recap & Activity
    Quiz: Communication & Active Listening
    Module Outline PDF: Communication and Active Listening

    Module 4.1: Common Needs of the Dying - Physical Support

    In this module, we delve into the shared common needs of individuals approaching the end of life. Recognize that while each dying experience is unique, certain needs are universal. Understand the importance of tailoring support to address these shared needs, fostering a compassionate and empathetic approach for individuals navigating their end-of-life journey. Explore the significance of acknowledging and meeting these common needs to provide meaningful comfort and support.

    Lesson Supplements 4.1
    Exploring Common Needs of the Dying
    Physical Comfort
    Emotional Support
    Communication and Information
    Sense of Dignity and Respect
    Spiritual and Existential Support
    Social Connection and Companionship
    Practical Assistance
    End-of-Life Planning
    Physical Activity and Repositioning
    Massage and Touch Therapies
    Nutritional Support
    10 Compassionate Questions to Ask
    Quiz: Common Needs of the Dying - Physical Support
    Module Outline PDF: Common Needs of the Dying

    Module 4.2: Common Needs of the Dying - Emotional Support

    In end-of-life care, acknowledging the importance of emotional support is crucial for both the dying person and their loved ones. Creating a safe and understanding environment for the open expression of feelings, fears, and concerns proves immensely helpful.

    Lesson Supplements 4.2
    Emotional Support
    Validation and Empathy
    Emotional Processing
    Reminiscence and Life Review
    Resolving Conflicts and Facilitating Communication
    Managing Personal Emotions
    Emotional Resource Referrals
    Supporting Family Members
    10 Questions to Discover Emotional Needs of the Dying
    Quiz: Common Needs of the Dying - Emotional Support

    Module 4.3: Common Needs of the Dying - Ensuring Dignity & Respect

    In this module, we will explore the significant role a death doula plays in meeting the sense of dignity and respect needs of a dying person. Beyond emotional support, we will delve into ways a death doula can fulfill these needs, offering guidance, resources, and a compassionate presence. This encompasses providing a listening ear, offering practical assistance, and assisting in end-of-life planning to ensure a dignified and respectful journey for the individual.

    Lesson Supplements 4.3
    Ensuring Dignity & Respect
    Respectful and Non-Judgmental Presence
    Honoring Autonomy and Choices
    Preserving Privacy and Confidentiality
    Empowering Decision Making
    Facilitating Meaningful Rituals and Ceremonies
    Acknowledging and Affirming Identity and Life Story
    Assisting with Legacy Projects
    10 Questions to Ask to Ensure Dignity is Being Maintained
    Quiz: Common Needs of the Dying - Ensuring Dignity & Respect

    Module 4.4: Common Needs of the Dying - Spiritual & Existential Support

    In this module, we will explore how a death doula provides valuable spiritual and existential support to a dying person. It's important to note that death doulas respect and honor the individual's beliefs and preferences, creating a space for the dying person to explore and express their own spiritual and existential journey. We emphasize that as death doulas, we do not impose our own beliefs but collaborate with the person's chosen religious or spiritual leaders, if applicable, to enhance the support provided.

    Lesson Supplements 4.4
    Spiritual & Existential Support
    Creating a Sacred Space
    Facilitating Spiritual Discussions
    Connecting with Religious or Spiritual Resources
    Offering Presence and Prayer
    Supporting Ritual and Ceremony
    Exploring Existential Questions
    Providing Resources and Readings
    Facilitating Forgiveness and Reconciliation
    10 Questions to Help Assess an Individual's Spiritual Needs
    Quiz: Common Needs of the Dying - Spiritual and Existential Support

    Module 4.5: Common Needs of the Dying - Social Connection

    In this module, our focus is on facilitating social connection, companionship, and meaningful interactions as death doulas. We recognize the importance of ensuring that the dying person has opportunities for social engagement, emotional support, and a sense of belonging during their final days.

    Lesson Supplements 4.5
    Social Connection
    Emotional Presence
    Engaging in Conversation
    Facilitating Family and Friend Visits
    Facilitating Virtual Connections
    Coordinating Support from Volunteers or Companions
    Creating a Social Support Network
    Providing Respite for Family Caregivers
    6 Questions and Compassionate Responses to Assess Social Connection Needs
    5 Questions and Compassionate Responses to Discover Social Needs of Caregivers
    Quiz: Common Needs of the Dying - Social Connection
    Module Recap & Activity

    Module 5.1: Cultural and Religious Sensitivity

    In this module, we explore the vital role of cultural and religious sensitivity in the context of death and dying. Recognize how diverse cultural and religious beliefs influence perceptions and practices surrounding end-of-life experiences. Delve into the importance of respecting and adapting to these beliefs, ensuring a compassionate and inclusive approach. Gain insights into tailoring support and communication to honor various cultural and religious perspectives, fostering a more meaningful and comforting end-of-life journey for individuals and their families.

    Lesson Supplements 5.1
    Education and Awareness
    Respect for Diversity
    Language and Terminology
    Rituals and Practices
    Flexibility and Adaptability
    Resource Network
    Self-Reflection & Growth
    Quiz: Cultural and Religious Sensitivity
    Module Outline PDF: Cultural and Religious Sensitivity

    Module 5.2: Approaches to Diverse Cultures and Sensitivity

    In this module, we highlight the importance of creating a comfortable environment for individuals to express their cultural and religious beliefs. Learn more about cultural and religious sensitivity during the end-of-life experience with these approaches...

    Lesson Supplements 5.2
    Establishing Trust
    Active Listening
    Respectful Inquiry
    Cultural Assessment
    Dear Doula's Cultural Assessment PDF
    Family and Community Involvement
    Cultural or Religious Advisors
    Documentation and Advanced Care Planning
    Continuous Education
    5 Questions to Inquire about Culture and Religion in a Respectful Manner
    Module Recap & Activity
    Quiz: Approaches to Diverse Cultures and Sensitivity

    Module 6: End-of-Life Progression-Signs & Symptoms

    This module provides an in-depth understanding of the physiological changes that occur in the body during the months, weeks, days, and hours leading up to death. Explore the signs and symptoms that manifest as the end of life approaches. Gain insights into the progression of these physiological changes, enabling you to recognize and interpret them, ultimately enhancing your ability to provide appropriate care and support during this critical phase of life.

    End-of-Life Progression-Signs & Symptoms
    One to Three Months Prior to Death
    One to Two Weeks Prior to Death - Mental Changes
    One to Two Weeks Prior to Death - Physical Changes
    One to Two days, to Hours Before Death
    Inability to Walk
    Hours to Minutes Prior to Death
    How to Respond as a Death Doula when Noticing these Signs
    Phrases to Describe the Final Phase of Life
    Quiz: End-of-Life Progression-Signs & Symptoms
    Module Outline PDF: End-of-Life Progression-Signs & Symptoms
    Module Recap & Activity

    Module 7.1: Grief

    Navigating the intricate terrain of grief involves acknowledging its profound emotional impact and the deep sorrow that accompanies a significant loss. Grief, a complex and deeply personal journey, encompasses a spectrum of emotions, including sadness, longing, and mourning. In this module, we delve into the multifaceted nature of grief, exploring its nuances and offering insights into the diverse ways individuals may experience and express this profound emotional response. Through understanding the complexities of grief, we aim to provide compassionate support and guidance as individuals traverse the unique path of healing and reconciliation following loss.

    Grief is an Energy
    Emotional Support for Grief
    Companionship and a Comforting Presence in Grief
    Facilitating Meaningful Rituals and Practices
    Quiz: Grief

    Module 7.2: Connecting with Someone Grieving

    Things to Say to Someone Grieving
    Tangible or 'Concrete' Grief

    Module 7.3: Understanding Anticipatory Grief

    What is Anticipatory Grief?
    Navigating Anticipatory Grief with Support
    Quiz: Anticipatory Grief

    Module 7.4: Bereavement

    Bereavement is a multifaceted experience that encompasses a range of emotions and a unique journey for each individual. Understanding its non-linear nature and being attuned to personal, cultural, and social factors allows for more compassionate and tailored support during challenging times.

    Understanding Bereavement
    Acknowledging the Individual Bereavement Journey
    Guiding Through the Bereavement Process
    Physical and Cognitive Impacts of Bereavement
    How to Effectively Communicate with the Bereaved
    Module Recap & Activity
    Quiz: Bereavement
    Module Outline PDF: Grief and Bereavement

    Module 8: Advance Care Planning

    In this module, we delve into the critical role death doulas play in providing guidance, emotional support, and resources throughout the advance care planning process. While offering valuable information and assistance, it's essential to emphasize the importance of individuals consulting legal and healthcare professionals for personalized advice. Understanding advance care planning is fundamental for death doulas, involving support for individuals in making decisions about their future medical care and end-of-life preferences. Here, we explore key aspects to enhance your proficiency in this vital aspect of compassionate end-of-life care.

    Understanding Advance Care Planning
    Discussing Advance Care Planning
    Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) Order
    Estate Planning Basics
    Module Recap & Activity
    Quiz: Estate Planning
    Module Outline PDF: Advance Care Planning

    Midcourse Checkpoint

    You've reached the midpoint of your self-paced online course, and we applaud your dedication to mastering the essential skills of a death doula. To ensure you make the most of this learning experience, we encourage you to fill out the form provided. If you have any questions or need support, feel free to reach out to us at

    Let Us Know How You're Doing

    Module 9.1: Understanding Hospice Care

    In this module, we delve into the profound realm of hospice care, exploring its evolution, principles, and the holistic support it offers to individuals approaching the end of life. Understanding the purpose and goals of hospice becomes paramount as we navigate the intricate landscape of end-of-life care, aiming to provide comprehensive insights into this compassionate approach.

    The Evolution of Hospice Care
    Hospice Requirements & Funding
    Quiz: Hospice Care
    Module Outline PDF: Understanding Hospice & Palliative Care

    Module 9.2: Understanding Palliative Care

    In essence, palliative care aims to enhance the overall quality of life for individuals confronting serious illnesses, irrespective of the illness's stage. By prioritizing the alleviation of symptoms, pain, and emotional distress, palliative care seeks to provide comprehensive support that addresses the physical, emotional, and psychosocial aspects of the individual and their families' well-being. Let's discuss more in this module...

    What is Palliative Care
    Requirements & Funding for Palliative Care
    Module Recap & Activity
    Quiz: Palliative Care

    Module 10: Conscious Dying/VSED/MAiD

    Welcome to a module that delves into the nuanced aspects of conscious dying, exploring methodologies such as Medical Aid in Dying (MAID) and Voluntarily Stopping Eating and Drinking (VSED). In this exploration, we'll navigate the ethical considerations, legal frameworks, and the profound impact these choices have on end-of-life experiences. Let's delve into the complex landscape of conscious dying, shedding light on the principles and practices that shape these sensitive end-of-life decisions.

    Understanding Conscious Dying
    Voluntarily Stopping Eating and Drinking (VSED)
    Medical Aid in Dying (MAiD)
    Module Recap & Activity
    Quiz: Conscious Dying
    Module Outline PDF: Conscious Dying/VSED/MAiD

    Module 11: Advocacy for the Dying

    In this module, we explore the role of death doulas in advocating for personalized care at the end of life. Death doulas prioritize the individual's values and wishes, offering tailored support and empowering them to make informed decisions. Through advocacy, death doulas guide individuals and families in navigating available options and services, ensuring that the end-of-life care aligns with their unique preferences and needs.

    The Need for Advocacy
    Advocating Through Open Communication
    Educate Yourself and Others
    Advocacy Through Empowered Decision-Making
    Collaborate with Healthcare Providers
    Navigate the Healthcare System
    Document and Share End-of-Life Wishes
    Emotional and Practical Advocacy
    Respect Privacy and Dignity
    Resolving Conflicts and Ethical Dilemmas
    Ensuring Autonomy and Dignity
    Action Against Elder Abuse
    Module Recap & Activity
    Quiz: Advocacy for the Dying
    Module Outline PDF: Advocacy for the Dying

    Module 12: Active Dying (Attendance)

    In this module, we delve into the specifics of active dying, and active attendance, offering practical guidance and actionable steps. Learn what to do, what to bring, and what to say when providing support during this critical phase. Explore how to guide individuals and their families through the process, ensuring comfort and peace. Understand the importance of presence, empathetic communication, and how to address both the physical and emotional needs of the dying individual. Gain insights into fostering a peaceful environment, facilitating meaningful farewells, and supporting a smooth transition during the active dying phase.

    Active Dying (Attendance)
    Active Dying Attendance - 10 Key Actions You Can Take
    My Wishes Checklist PDF
    Module Recap & Activity
    Quiz: Active Dying Attendance
    Module Outline PDF: Active Dying Attendance

    Module 13: Practical-Navigation Aspects as a Death Doula

    This module is designed to provide a practical guide for aspiring Death Doulas. Delve into the key aspects of navigating this profession, understanding the day-to-day responsibilities, and honing essential skills. Explore the practicalities of offering emotional, psychological, and logistical support during the end-of-life journey. Learn how to tailor your approach to suit individual needs and preferences. Gain insights into time management, organization, and effective coordination with healthcare professionals and families. By the end of this module, you'll be well-equipped to navigate the multifaceted role of a Death Doula, providing invaluable support during a profound life transition.

    Practical Support - Action
    Practical Support - Navigation
    Module Recap & Activity
    Quiz: Practical & Navigational Aspects of a Death Doula
    Module Outline PDF: Practical & Navigational Aspects as a Death Doula

    Module 14: Self-care as a Death Doula

    In this module, we focus on a critical but often overlooked aspect of death work—the well-being of the death worker themselves. Understand the paramount importance of self-care in maintaining a healthy balance while serving in this profound role. Delve into strategies and techniques to nurture your physical, emotional, and mental well-being. Explore ways to manage stress, set boundaries, seek support, and engage in reflective practices. By prioritizing your own well-being, you'll be better equipped to provide compassionate and effective support to individuals and families navigating the end-of-life journey.

    Mental Health & Well Being
    Necessity of Boundaries
    Boundary Setting Scenarios
    Module Recap & Activity
    Quiz: Self-care as a Death Doula
    Module Outline PDF: Self-care as a Death Doula

    Module 15: The Demand for Death Doulas

    This module examines the increasing demand for Death Doulas, highlighting their crucial role in modern end-of-life care. Explore the societal shifts and reasons driving the demand for Death Doulas. Understand the evolving perspectives on death and dying, emphasizing the need for specialized emotional and practical support. Delve into statistics, trends, and projections to comprehend the scope of this demand. Gain insights into the potential career opportunities and settings where Death Doulas can make a significant impact. By the end of this module, you'll have a comprehensive understanding of the growing demand for Death Doulas and the meaningful contribution they offer to end-of-life care.

    Death Doula Origins and Need
    Stats and Consequences of the Aging Population
    Module Recap & Activity
    Module Outline PDF: The Demand for Death Doulas

    Module 16: Creating Your Death Doula Business

    In this module, we guide you through the process of establishing your own Death Doula business. Understand the essential steps involved in turning your vision into a successful reality. Learn about business planning, legal considerations, branding, and marketing strategies tailored to the Death Doula profession. Explore effective client communication and building a robust network within the industry. Gain insights into fostering trust and credibility within the community you serve. By the end of this module, you'll be well-prepared to embark on your entrepreneurial journey as a Death Doula, making a meaningful impact in the lives of those facing end-of-life experiences.

    Crafting Your Business
    Legal and Business Structure
    Legal and Business Structure - FAQs PDF
    Business Plan
    Name and Branding
    Services Offered
    Client Consultation
    Pricing and Payment
    Marketing and Networking
    Insurance and Liability
    Record Keeping and Documentation
    Continuous Education
    Ethical Considerations
    Scaling and Growth
    Community Involvement
    How Doulas Get Paid
    Compassionate Planning
    Module Recap & Activity
    Module Outline PDF: Creating your Death Doula Business

    Module 17: Marketing and Outreach Strategies

    In this module, we explore actionable steps to ensure the success of your Death Doula business through effective marketing strategies. Discover how to position and promote your services in a way that resonates with your target audience. Learn about crafting a compelling brand image, utilizing digital platforms, and creating engaging content. Delve into the importance of client testimonials, establishing partnerships, and building a robust online presence. By the end of this module, you'll have a clear roadmap to drive the success of your Death Doula business through strategic marketing practices.

    Creating an Online Presence
    Key Community Outreach
    Module Recap & Activity
    Module Outline PDF: Marketing and Outreach Strategy

    Module 18: What's Next?

    Congratulations on completing the initial modules of your death doula journey! However, this is just the beginning. The next step invites you to join us at Base Camp 3—an essential phase where your active participation is crucial.

    Engage in a hands-on approach to establish your death doula infrastructure. Dive into crafting mission and vision statements, defining core values, and implementing clear policies. Develop a robust framework for client consultations, pricing structures, and your unique end-of-life care approach. Your professional website, serving as a beacon of your services and mission, remains integral.

    As you mark this milestone, step into a world of celebration and growth. Here, your wins and obstacles contribute valuable pieces to a shared knowledge puzzle. Crafting your death doula business is a continuous journey with tangible successes and lessons. We're here to support you every step of the way. Your successes contribute to our collective achievements.

    Join in, share your story, and together, let's forge a nurturing community. Your presence not only shapes your journey but also becomes the catalyst for others' growth. Your voice and experiences are invaluable here.



    Dying in America: Improving Quality and Honoring Individual Preferences Near the End of Life
    A Conceptual Analysis of Spirituality at End of Life PDF
    End-of-Life Care Glossary PDF

    Can I be confident that Dear Doula's Course will equip me with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in this role?

    Yes. NEDA recommends that you choose your educational program carefully to ensure that the curriculum covers all that is needed to pass the exam and obtain a NEDA Proficiency Badge. A proficiency badge from NEDA signifies that these Core Competencies have been met. There is no overseeing legal entity that regulates this profession. A proficiency badge is but one step that some will choose to take because families can know that a practitioner who has earned a NEDA Proficiency Badge has met certain standards.

    Proficiency Badge

    Dear Doula has proudly earned our Proficiency Badge and you can too.

    ​By enrolling in Dear Doula's Course, you'll be fully equipped to earn your NEDA proficiency badge, should you opt to pursue it. Our comprehensive curriculum ensures you gain the essential expertise and understanding required to meet industry standards and excel in your role as a death doula.

    Dear Doula is a Proud NEDA Member

    What you can expect to get out of this training course...

    Comprehensive End-of-Life Knowledge: A profound understanding of the intricacies of end-of-life care, including the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects, enabling you to provide holistic support to individuals and their families during this sensitive time.

    Practical Skill Development: Sharpen essential skills through immersive exercises and interactive scenarios. Be thoroughly equipped to handle the practical aspects and nuances of end-of-life care.

    Effective Communication and Empathy: Enhanced communication skills and deepened empathy, enabling you to connect with individuals and their families, fostering a compassionate and supportive environment during the end-of-life journey.

    Grief Support Techniques: Proficiency in grief support techniques and strategies, equipping you to guide individuals and families through the grieving process with sensitivity and understanding.

    Professionalism and Ethical Standards: A strong foundation in professional conduct and ethical standards specific to the field of death doula work, ensuring that you approach your role with integrity, respect, and a commitment to upholding the highest standards of care.

    Who takes our course?

    Aspiring Death Doulas and End-of-Life Care Advocates: Those looking to embark on a fulfilling journey in end-of-life care, such as aspiring death doulas or individuals interested in related roles. The course provides the fundamental knowledge and practical skills necessary for a compassionate and supportive approach.

    Personal Growth Enthusiasts: Individuals interested in enriching their lives and fostering a deeper understanding of death and its impact. The curriculum goes beyond professional applications, promoting personal growth, resilience, and a profound appreciation for the human experience.

    Community Supporters: Individuals in various community roles, including leaders and educators, who aim to promote death literacy and initiate important conversations about end-of-life care within their communities. The course equips them with the knowledge and tools to be effective advocates and educators in this essential field.

    Curious Minds: Those driven by personal curiosity and a desire for a more empathetic approach to relationships. Whether for self-reflection or to contribute positively to their communities, this course offers a transformative journey toward a deeper connection with the human experience.

    Compassionate Individuals: This course warmly welcomes those who simply have a compassionate heart and wish to make a difference in the lives of others. Whether you're a caring friend, family member, or an empathetic individual seeking to bring comfort and understanding to those facing the end of life, this course provides valuable insights and practical skills to enhance your ability to offer support and kindness during these delicate moments.

    Do I have to have prior experience in end of life work?

    This course is perfect for beginners diving into death work. No prior experience is needed, making it accessible to everyone. Whether you've worked in a different field closely with others or are entirely new to this, our straightforward curriculum ensures that you'll grasp the essentials easily. We've designed it to be user-friendly, guiding you through the processes with simplicity. So, if you're starting fresh, don't worry – this course has got you covered, offering a clear path to understanding and growth in the world of death work.

    At Dear Doula...

    • We've streamlined the path from training to practice, eliminating any uncertainty about your next steps.

    • We ensure a supportive environment for each step, understanding the individual needs at different stages of your development.

    • Our base camps are tailored to offer guidance based on your current point in your journey. We prioritize both skill practice and launching your business, recognizing their utmost importance.

    Why are we doing things the way we do at Dear Doula?

    • Because industry doulas are reporting getting stuck post-training, often find themselves at a crossroads, even after receiving excellent skills training.

    • This common uncertainty highlights the gap between acquiring skills and confidently navigating the path to practicing as a death doula.

    • Dear Doula addresses this dilemma by providing a clear and guided transition for doulas from training to practice.

    This prompted us to conduct a recent study, analyzing the visibility of doulas after completing their training. Here's what we found:

    Program A

    Out of the 493 trained/certified doulas in their directory, only 33% are readily discoverable by those in need of their services. Within this group, just 7% transparently detail services and pricing, placing the onus on seekers to actively gather information from the doula. This 7% includes those with a sliding scale or voluntary-based service model for uniformity.

    Program B

    Program B had similar results. The two main difference being:

    1. All doulas listed in this directory were deemed as Certified.

    2. A handful of doulas had listed a social media page in their website field as opposed to leaving it blank.


    The results highlight a significant gap in transitioning doulas from training to practical visibility. It's crucial to note that these findings don't assess the quality of training programs, materials, instructors, or the competence of death doulas.

    Nevertheless, numerous studies consistently demonstrate that

    Visibility = Credibility

    “People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care”

    ― Theodore Roosevelt

    Hi, I'm Lauren

    a death doula and the founder of Dear Doula, a dynamic leadership development company committed to elevating the death doula industry.

    Dear Doula emerged from my personal journey as a death doula, a path catalyzed by profound loss – an experience shared by many in our community.

    By blending the training I received with my neuro-divergent perspective, we crafted our signature death doula training course. It's a course I wished for during my training and one that we are honored to share with you now.

    What truly sets us apart is our on-demand learning style and a practical approach to the industry. Recognizing a shared gap between training and practice among my fellow doulas, I founded Dear Doula to seamlessly integrate comprehensive training with real-world end-of-life care, bridging a crucial divide in the field.

    Food for Thought

    "NEWS STORY: World's Best Pilot Never Flies An Aircraft"

    Imagine seeing this headline in the local paper. You'd probably ask yourself why. The answer? The pilot didn't know how to get to the airport.

    Now picture yourself training to become the world's best pilot. You've aced all the simulations, put in endless hours for certifications, aced every exam, but never set foot into a cockpit.

    What makes it worse? The passengers who rely on you to fly them to their destination don't bother about your training. They trust you're qualified to take them from point A to B. Your confidence and commitment shows when you arrive, ready and capable to assist them.

    Getting to the airport is crucial.

    What does this have to do with becoming a death doula? Because how you show up post-training matters!

    As adult-diagnosed ADHD instructors and business owners in the field of death work leadership, we acknowledge the significant hurdles we faced in learning. This recognition prompted us to create a comprehensive course designed to alleviate the stress and challenges associated with training, providing valuable support across this spectrum of learning needs.

    • A standout feature of our course is the inclusion of snack-sized video lessons, perfectly crafted for individuals with short attention spans, ensuring an effortless and engaging learning experience.

    What if I don't consider myself in the ADHD or neurodiversity sector?

    During our research phase, many individuals, even those self-described as neurotypical, shared that they face challenges with focus, concentration, and discipline, with most people expressing difficulties in at least one of these areas. Our course provides a transformative learning experience in a supportive context. Enhancing accessibility, our approach incorporates deliberate short videos, free from unnecessary elements. Our neurotypical doulas have conveyed their enjoyment of a course that is free from unnecessary fluff.

    Celebrating Diverse Thinking

    Our course embraces the fact that everyone thinks differently. We value unique perspectives and believe that the diverse ways people approach end-of-life care bring creativity and fresh ideas to the table. Your way of thinking is an asset, and we celebrate that.

    Encouraging Bold Ideas

    In our course, we encourage taking risks and thinking outside the box. We believe in the power of bold ideas and understand that neuro-divergent individuals often excel in innovative thinking. This course is a space where you can explore new approaches to end-of-life care with confidence.

    Building on Individual Strengths

    We designed this course with your strengths in mind. We know that neuro-divergent individuals often have exceptional problem-solving skills. Our approach emphasizes and builds on your unique strengths, fostering an inclusive learning environment that values and supports every participant.

    Is this a Death Doula Certification Course?

    We believe Trust & Transparency are non-negotiable in this field.

    So let's dive into this topic, because there is understandably a lot of confusion surrounding this.

    There is no universally recognized local, regional, or federal authority, regulatory or accrediting body that holds the liability or provides monitoring for end-of-life doulas. Meaning, a death doula or end-of-life doula certification doesn't exist.

    • But I've seen courses offering certification, can you clarify? Training programs that have designed their own curriculum sometimes offer what is called an in-house certification where they attest to successful completion of a course of study. However, earning a particular program's self-certification is not required to practice as an end-of-life doula. Holding a certification from a trainer or training entity, while valuable in confirming a certain degree of accomplishment and identifying the training type, is not the same as being certified or licensed by an independent, 3rd party certifier, in the way that nurses, CNAs, counselors, therapists, contractors, cosmetologists, and others are.


    • Does Dear Doula offer an in-house certification? Dear Doula does not provide in-house certification as we aim to avoid contributing to any further confusion surrounding what it truly means to be a "certified" death doula. Our approach is to offer a certificate of course completion, ensuring transparency and clarity in the death doula training process, and industry. This certificate acknowledges the successful completion of our training program, providing doulas with the knowledge and skills needed for their vital role in end-of-life care. (Could we just as easily call this a Certification? Yes. Do we choose not to? Yes.)

    • So, to work as a death doula, I, in fact, don't actually need any training? As surprising as that notion may be, its true. You do not need to hold any type of certificate of completion, certification, or otherwise. We tell you this because we value transparency, and giving you this relevant information helps you make the best informed decisions for yourself.

    • We also know that starting a new career often means you need proper training and ongoing support for success. That's why we have our base camps at Dear Doula. After Lauren completed her doula training program, she desired more guidance, as most trained doulas also reported. Spending a significant amount of money on 3 hours of post-training mentorship made it clear that Base Camps 2 and 3 were essential. We developed them to ensure our doulas have access to cost-effective support post-training, so they feel confident using their skills.

    What Our Doulas Are Saying About Us

    "I finished Dear Doula's Death Doula course, and it's been a game-changer. The support and practical outreach program allowed me to apply my knowledge in real-world scenarios. The short video format made learning engaging and fit into my busy schedule. Dear Doula's innovative approach makes it an excellent choice for anyone looking to become a death doula."

    Reese F.

    "As a beta participant in Dear Doula's Death Doula course, I am immensely grateful for the enriching experience it provided. The comprehensive training truly equipped me with the skills needed for this important role. The course structure was well-designed, covering a range of essential topics, and the hands-on guidance made the learning process seamless. Dear Doula's commitment to excellence shines through in every aspect, making it a standout choice for anyone considering a career as a death doula."

    Sarah W.

    "On behalf of the National End-of-Life Doula Alliance (NEDA), I want to THANK YOU for your invaluable contributions to advancing the end-of-life education. Your dedication and expertise play a vital role in shaping the compassionate care landscape for individuals and families during life's most challenging moments."

    Ashley J.

    NEDA President

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