Dear Doula /Grief & Loss Navigational Toolkit: Your Devoted Companion

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Grief & Loss Navigational Toolkit

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Navigational Toolkit isn't just a toolkit; it's a lifeline that delivers solace, practicality, and a pathway to healing in times of darkness. Navigating you through the intricate web of emotions and decisions, this toolkit equips you with resources and structure that brings order to chaos. Videos, easy actions and more, all curated to provide a steady hand as you navigate through uncharted territories of grief.


Storm-Tossed Waters of Sadness

Imagine this toolkit as a guiding lighthouse by the shores of the vast sea of grief. Just as the tides of life can unexpectedly shift, leaving us adrift in the waves of grief and loss, this toolkit stands as a steadfast companion to help you navigate those tumultuous waters. Within its depths, you'll discover carefully gathered treasures of activities and resources, each a buoy to hold onto in times of turbulence.

But remember, the ocean of grief is boundless, and its waves crash upon each heart in a unique rhythm. Take your time as you explore these offerings, much like a sailor gauging the right moment to set sail. Just as the ocean honors the pace of the moon's gentle pull, so too should you honor the pace of your own healing.

Video: Our Deepest Condolences
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Video: Navigating your Grief & Loss Toolkit
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Journaling: Journey Through Grief
    Resource: Support Groups & Grief Sites
      Resource: Book Recommendations
        Tool: How to Explain Death to Children
          Tool: Grief Inspired Journaling Pages

            Charting Your Course: Decision Making and Logistic Tools

            Here are some resources to provide support as you navigate through the challenges that require attention during difficult times. These tools aim to assist you in addressing the issues that arise during these periods of darkness.

            Tool: Checklist for a Passed Loved One
              Tool: Important Documents To Locate
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              Tool: How To Use These Documents
              • 683 KB
              Tool: Go Fund Me
                Tool: Funeral Planning Guide
                  Resource: 15 Questions to Ask a Funeral Director
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                  Resource: Money Saving Tips for Funerals
                    Tool: Writing an Obituary
                      Resource: Green Burial Options
                        Tool: Obtaining a Death Certificate

                          Tidal Waves of Anguish

                          Amidst the overwhelming tidal waves of anguish, each emotion and memory can feel like a tangled web, making it difficult to see a way forward. In this intricate journey, it's okay to let yourself feel lost as you navigate the depths of sorrow, gradually uncovering the strength that resides within you.

                          Video: Grief is Energy, Not an Emotion
                          • 3 mins
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                          Activity: Easy Exercise To Begin Transmuting Grief
                            Journaling: Navigating Grief and Loss
                              Video: The Grief Timeline
                              • 2 mins
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                              Foggy Horizons of Uncertainty

                              In the midst of grief, our emotions can be like sailing through foggy horizons of uncertainty. The thick mist obscures our path forward, leaving us disoriented and unable to see beyond the present moment's pain. But just as the sun eventually disperses the fog, time and support will guide you toward clearer skies, where healing and hope await.

                              Video: What is this Fog?
                              • 2 mins
                              • 25.5 MB
                              Ritual: Three-Step Self-Care During Active Grief
                                Activity: Energy Release Walk
                                  Video: Late at Night, When the World Sleeps, Grief Awakens
                                  • 2 mins
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                                  Whirlpools of Regret

                                  Grief creates whirlpools of regret that spin within the ocean of our mind. Just as these currents pull objects beneath the surface, regret tugs at our thoughts, making us rehash what could have been and what was lost. Yet, even in the midst of this overwhelming haze, know that your strength and resilience will guide you through, and the winds of time will gently steer you towards a brighter tomorrow.

                                  Journaling: Navigating Regret and Loss
                                    Video: Guided Meditation Healing Regret After Loss
                                    • 7 mins
                                    • 861 MB
                                    Insight: Regret After Loss
                                      Activity: Transmuting Grief and Regret

                                        Ebb and Flow of Memories

                                        Grief mirrors the ebb and flow of memories, like the tides that wash in and retreat. Moments of joy and sadness come and go, much like the ocean's changing currents, carrying us between recollections of happier times and the reality of loss.

                                        Amid this ebb and flow, remember that each wave of emotion is a testament to the love and connection you shared. As you navigate these tides, may you find solace in the cherished moments that will forever remain in your heart.

                                        Video: 5 Day Phenomenon
                                        • 2 mins
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                                        Insight: Same Street, New House
                                          Video: Guided Exercise for Transmuting Grief
                                          • 2 mins
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                                          Activity: Loved One's Remembrance

                                            Depths of Isolation

                                            The depths of grief can plunge us into isolation, akin to the solitary expanses of the ocean's abyss. Surrounded by our emotions, we might feel disconnected from those who haven't experienced our pain, struggling to bridge the gap between our inner world and the outside.

                                            Yet, like the ocean that connects continents beneath the surface, your shared humanity binds you to others who care. As you navigate this profound depth, remember that reaching out to loved ones can be a lifeline, reminding you that you're not alone in this journey.

                                            Video: Guided Exercise Transmuting Grief Through Connection
                                            • 1 min
                                            • 72 MB
                                            Insight: Navigating Grief Through Solitude - Embracing the Healing Isolation
                                              Video: Guided Meditation Cultivating Connection and Overcoming Loneliness
                                              • 6 mins
                                              • 368 MB
                                              Tool: Texts to Send Asking for Help
                                                Activity: Grief and Connection

                                                  Unpredictable Swells of Emotion

                                                  Grief can be likened to the unpredictable swells of emotion that roil the ocean's surface. Just as the sea can transform from calm to tumultuous, our emotional state can shift rapidly, catching us off guard with waves of sorrow, anger, or numbness.

                                                  In the midst of these emotional tempests, remember that you possess the strength to ride the waves and find your balance once again. Each surge of feeling is a step closer to healing, and with time, the waters will gradually grow calmer, carrying you towards a place of greater peace and acceptance.

                                                  Activity: Establishing Boundaries
                                                    Insight: Does it Ever END?!
                                                      Journaling: Processing Guilt After Loss
                                                        Video: Guided Meditation Easing Anxiety and Finding Inner Calm
                                                        • 6 mins
                                                        • 406 MB

                                                        Searching for the Lighthouse of Healing

                                                        Amid grief's turmoil, we often find ourselves searching for the distant beacon of healing, much like sailors navigating rough seas seek the guiding light of a lighthouse. The journey toward acceptance and renewal can feel daunting, but it offers the promise of finding solace.

                                                        And just as a lighthouse stands unwavering against the storm, your inner resilience and the support of loved ones provide a steady source of guidance. Though the path may be challenging, trust that you're on a voyage towards a brighter shore, where healing and a renewed sense of purpose await you.

                                                        Video: Guided Meditation Embracing Loving Memories
                                                        • 7 mins
                                                        • 769 MB
                                                        Insight: What Does "Healing" Even Mean?
                                                          Activity: The Role Rituals Play in Healing Grief
                                                            Action: Easy Ways to Regularly Transmute Energy

                                                              Drifting on the Raft of Hope

                                                              Grief might place us on a metaphorical raft of hope, adrift in the vast expanse of sorrow. This raft, fragile yet resilient, carries us through the emotional waves, reminding us that even amidst despair, threads of hope can keep us afloat.

                                                              And as you navigate these emotional waters, remember that you are not alone on this raft. Friends, family, and the memory of your loved one's enduring impact are the winds that fill your sails, guiding you towards a horizon where healing and the promise of a new chapter await.

                                                              Activity: Walking Meditation for Energy Transmutation
                                                                Insight: Did I Heal Too Quickly?
                                                                  Journaling: Navigating Out The Other Side of Grief
                                                                    Activity: Crafting a Legacy Project in Their Memory

                                                                      Calm After the Tempest

                                                                      As time passes, the intensity of grief can subside, allowing us to experience the calm after the tempest. Like the ocean returning to a serene state, our emotions gradually settle, revealing a new sense of peace that coexists with the memories of what was lost.

                                                                      In this gentle unfolding of healing, may you find comfort in the knowledge that your journey through grief has sculpted you into a person of profound strength and compassion. Just as the ocean finds its balance, you too will discover equilibrium between the cherished past and the potential of a hopeful future.

                                                                      Action: Now What?
                                                                        Activity: How To Get Through The Anniversary
                                                                          Insight: I'm Feeling Better and I Want To Help Others
                                                                            Video: Grief has Purpose
                                                                            • 2 mins
                                                                            • 141 MB